• Due to our long experience with insolvency processes we logically had to expand our services to insolvency processes to personal clients, also known as FRESH START.
        • Therefore, we want to help people to get rid of their indebtedness situation, to start again, solving their debs.
  • ¿What do we offer?
        • To analyze your situation so we can give you the best solution possible
        • To prepare a payment proposal that you can afford, or even request the exoneration of your whole debt.
        • We attend all the harassing calls that you could get.
      • We guide you and advice you through the whole process, so you are never being alone.
  • ¿What is the cost of our services?
        • We ask for € 1.500 (VAT not included) for all the procedures.
      • We offer payment facilities in different instalments.
  • I am interested… What do I do?

Call us as soon as possible at 91-0766653

If you cannot call us, you can email us at lbanos@abogadodeempresa.com  and we will reply as soon as we possibly can.


Fijo: +34 910766653

Móvil: +34  635 30 20 56

E-mail: lbanos@abogadodeempresa.com